There is plenty of software available and much of it is free to download and even to use.

Below is a non exhaustive list of some of the common softwares in use (with download and licence details)


Bluesky plan

Bluesky plan is free to download and for use with windows based OS.

When downloaded it comes with 2 free credits to use when exporting the 3D STL models and items that you can generate. Further credits can be purchased easily as needed by paypal. (eg. a surgical guide will cost $10 to export ready to print in house)

It is a very powerful software that can be used for:

  • model editing

  • implant planning

  • orthodontic planning and sequential aligner models

  • virtual waxups

  • surgical guide generation

    …and much much more.

    Your learning curve is aided by many youtube videos and a fantastic educational part of the website at


Meshmixer is a general 3D editing programme that is free to download for windows or macs.

There are no licence or export fees applicable and its application is only limited by your imagination:

  • basic model editing functions (eg. repairs, virtual waxups, model basing/ hollowing)

  • complex editing (eg. bite splints, full arch implant retained temporaries)

It is a little complex to learn but there are many youtube videos available on applying it to dental workflows.

3D Builder

3D Builder is a free software for windows users that is packaged with windows 10. It is licence free and there is no charge for exports.

It is very simple to start to use and can be used for basic 3D modelling applications.

It is useful for embossing text on models, mounting models on virtual articulators and manipulating models when other software seems quite complex and overpowered.

It is very user friendly and can be used to do final editing or simple 3D touch ups.